How to order:

1-You write to me with the piece's name and your full address.

2-I confirm with shipping quotes

3-You Paypal me through: pick@electricpick.com

4-I confirm it's been sent and give you your tracking number

5-You receive, are truly impressed by the quality of your prints and shoot me a quick mail about how you received it!


 All Orders are through Paypal and In HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)!
I'll accept (Euros/USD/UKP/DKK) but always to the day's worth of the price in HKD!

 I ship worldwide from Hong Kong! The post office here is extraordinary and guaranties any parcel will get to most of the civilized world within 3 days, however, most of the civilized worlds' own post offices might take a bit longer to bring it down to you!

 I'll always give you the two options (Normal or faster) but I think the second option makes a bigger difference only for certain countries! I'll let you know!

 If you live in countries run by a fascist criminally organized pirate post offices (Denmark/North Korea), I'll always send it as a gift so don't worry too much about the ransom!

 It might take up to two weeks (at the absolute maximum) before I can ship!

 Any other question: pick@electricpick.com