-I'll try to update this section as much as I can but if you want to enquire about a specific piece, don't hesitate to ask!

 -All originals are shipped unframed unless otherwise specified!

 -Submission for originals are still not accepted… One day, I hope! 


-Unless it's a special run and clearly specified, all prints are Giclée prints of the highest fancy pants quality available on our fine planet! 

 -All prints are hand signed and numbered and never re-printed after a run! 

 -Make sure you check the size and the print run for different prices! 

 -I ship to the world from Hong Kong with two options (regular (witch is pretty damn good from Hong Kong) and the fancy faster one (doesn't always make a huge difference depending on where you want it shipped), I'll always give you the choice! 


 -For now the only way to pay is Paypal but I am actively trying to find at least one other practical option! 

 -From the time you order, it might take up to 2 weeks (at the maximum) for me to be able to ship! 

 -Any questions about how to ORDER


 -Is where you can get a print of your favourite page(s) from the Red Box! 

 -The best place to shop and check out the pages is on the Electric Plog (RED BOX tab)!

 Any other questions… pick@electricpick.com